ROCKS is your new attitude, your new fashion style and a new way of doing shopping. We, the team behind the brand want to spare you from the endless search through mall shops or on-line sites, looking for an outfit which clearly represents you. You can relax on your favourite coach, listen to the tunes disconnecting you from the daily routine, and start the tour of the ROCKS shop where we present the freshest creations of our designers. These designers work day by day to break the constraints of the classical lines and colour combinations which do not transmit almost anything.


How was ROCKS born?


From an idea, or maybe from a need. The ROCKS team has struggled with the issues that you face when trying to shop for a special outfit which should go with the perfect accessories to put your personality in the spotlight. The passion for fashion, the desire to create something special, the skills and of course our talent brought us together, made us a team and gave us the possibility to work together and to create the ROCKS attitude.


The first ROCKS collection has been a fun adventure leading us to a design line which expresses what we want and also to the perfect combinations between materials and concepts. Once all these details were agreed upon, the sketches went to the tailoring workshops and the job was done.


Through ROCKS we want to suggest the attitude which combines the power, the presence and the strength of stone with the fragility, uniqueness and creativity of jewellery, clothing and accessories. The whole concept of ROCKS, attitude, energy, action and force is expressed through the creation of the designers who, gifted with talent, imagination and precision transform the ideas into reality in our workshops. The special creations which represent you are born here, among the fabrics, sewing machines and a lot of creative spirit.


Start your visit through our shop and check the designs we have prepared for you ! If you want something special, only for you, no problem. Contact us, visit us, and we will create the dress of your dreams.


Welcome !


The ROCKS team